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Amazing Wayag Tour (Approximate duration 8 hours Tour)

Rising Abruptly from the sea, small groups of uninhabited island of Wayag form a spectacular panorama of jagged limeston cliffs that tower over tiny dome – shaped rocks topped with wild profusion of tree and vines. Several distinctively shaped rock islands lie just outside the lagoon.

Wayag island is one of the island within the Raja Ampat regency in the province of West Papua. The Island is known with its beautiful  atolls and amazing underwater life covering a total area of 155,000 hectares.

Here, you find pristine beaches with unique Karst Island that look like mushrooms sprouting out of the sea. Along these beaches, tourist can see fairytale panorama, more captivating than Leonardo DiCaprio’s gateway in “The Beaches”. The crystal clear waters around Wayag Island appear like unreal windows to various types of flora and fauna that live underwater.

Wayag Islands never ceases to amaze divers especially, have been overwhelmed not only by the rich underwater displays, but also by panoramic beauty of the island as they climb up to its highest platform and observe coves and atolls around. It is a dream come true, truly a dream fulfilled.


Wonderful Painemo & Arborek Tour (Approximate duration 5 hours Tour)

Painemo also known as Penemu is a place name in Fam archipelago, a cluster of small coral islands surrounded by clear water, hills covered by green vegetation. Travellers can do trekking on one of the hills and enjoy the spectacular scenery. Pinemo Island is an icon of Raja Ampat marine Park.

Arborek Village is a lovely island fringed with powder white sand and coconut palm trees. Arborek is also famous with its handicraft: Hatsor – the noken bag. Arborek also known as one of the best site for diving in Raja Ampat. The reefs around the islands slopes combine colorful coral heads with patches of sand and rubble. Arborek  is the best place to do snorkeling.


Kabui Nature Tour (Approximate duration 7 hours Tour)

Kabui bay is located between Waigeo and Gam Island. It has dozens of scattered beautiful coral islands with variety of sizes. In Kabui you will witness an ancient cave paintings. There are still many opinions about when they were painted. Kabuy bay landscape consist of towering karst cliffs and green vegetation. Hundreds of small islands about the size of terrace house as if protruding from seabed. Trip to Kabui also include visit Freewen Village, Sawing Ray Village and “Pasir Timbul”, a sand dune that emerge from the sea at low tide




Upon arrival at Domine Edward Osok Aiport of Sorong, you will be met and transferred to ferry port to board the public ferry. The ferry from Sorong to Waisai (capital city of Raja Ampat) depart at 2:00 pm daily. Early departure available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:00 am (subject to change). From Waisai to Raja Ampat Dive Lodge we will transfer you by speed boat. It takes around 45 minutes.

Day 2. KABUI BAY (B, L, D)

After breakfast we start the tour by speed boat. In Kabui you can see group of coral islands in different sizes. Passing the bay you will enjoy the beauty of the coral islands in blue water. At low tide you can visiting Pasir Timbul for snorkeling or taking pictures before going to Kabui. We will serve breakfast and dinner at the resort. Meanwhile lunch will be provided during the trip.



Penemu or Pianemo island looks like Wayag but smaller. We will start the tour after breakfast. Bring your shoes as you have to climb up the hill through sharp and hard coral rocks about 20 minutes to get on the top. Later visiting Arborek Village to see the activities of the local people or buying handicraft. Breakfast and dinner at the resort, lunch will be provided during the trip.


After early breakfast, we transfer you to Sorong by speedboat and proceed to airport for your onward flight.



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