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Sumba, Indonesia's Next Wave. The wild, rustic beauty of Indonesia's Sumba Island. Sumba’s regions are still in ongoing developing itself to become developed cities as other big cities in Indonesia. In many respects Sumba is like travelling back in time from what Bali must have been like 30+ years ago. The local lifestyle, in comparison to Bali, is quite simple but the people are every bit as friendly and smiling both within the hotels/resorts, streets and in tribal villages around the island of Sumba. Sumba bills itself as 'The wild, rustic beauty of Indonesia' and it does not disappoint everyone who travel and make their trip here. Even though as developing cities, some tourism destinations in Sumba are now become popular among travelers and worth for any visit to this Island. Herein in our trip packages and itineraries we list several places that recommended for you while traveling in Sumba, such as Ratenggaro Village, Weekueri Lagon, Mandorak Beach, Waikabubak, Karawae Beach, Marosi Beach, Mbawana Beach, Tarimbang Beach, Lapopu Waterfall, Savanna Wairinding Hills, Wekelo Sawah, Tanarara Hills, Waitabula, Watuparunu, Nihiwatu Beach and some other places.



Day 1. Tambaloka Airport –– Cultural Sumba’s House – Oro Beach – Manangga Aba Beach (LD)

Welcome to Sumba Island. On your arrival at the Airport, you will meet our guide and escorted to Resort Rumah Budaya Sumba for Check In and Lunch. After lunch, we will start our first day trip to Oro Beach, Marosi Beach and continue to Mananga Aba Beach for Sunset. We will go to Warung Gula Garam for dinner and got back to Hotel for rest.  You can spend the rest of the day by visiting cultural museum inside the resort. Rest and Free time.

Day 2. Anameha Beach – Weekataku Beach – Ratenggaro Traditional Houses – Pero Beach – Weekuri

Lagon Lake – Mandorak Beach (BLD).

Breakfast will be ready by 07.00 at the Resort and after breakfast, we will leave to Anameha Beach. Next to Anameha, there is also Weekataku Beach. Not many tourists know both of these beaches. After enjoying enough time, we will leave to Tribal Ratenggaro Village. From Rotenggaro Tribal Village, we will rush to Pero beach and visiting Weekuring Lagon or Weekuri Lake. Last destination for second day is Mandorak Beach. After Mandorak Beach, we will get back to Resort for Dinner and rest.

Day 03. Laipopu Waterfall - Lailiang - Tarung Tribal Village - Waingapu (Wairinding Hills Bukit Mau Hau Hills)(BLD)

Breakfast at the hotel and after breakfast we will start our third day trip to Lapopu Waterfall and continue to Lailiang Beach. After having enough time enjoying Lapopu and Laliang, we will leave to Tribal Village Tarung. Our lunch will be provided in Kampung Tarung. After lunch, our trip will continues to East Sumba and on our way to east Sumba, we will stop at Waringin and Mau Hau hills. By 07.00 PM, we will arrive in Peter Magic Resort East Sumba and rest. Dinner will be provided in Peter’s Magic resort.


Day 04. Puru  Kambera Beach, Londo  Lima Beach,  Tribal Village  Rende,  Laipori Hills, Walakiri Beach (BLD).

Our first destination to visit in fourth day is Puru Kambera Beach that located in East Sumba. After Puru Kambera, we will rush to  Londo Lima Beach and Tribal Vilage Rende. Our lunch box will be provided in Rende Village. After lunch we will leave to Laipori Hills. After enjoying Laipori, we will leave to Walakiri Beach to enjoy Sunset.

DAY 05 (B) Hotel – Kampung Adat Raja Prailiu – Transfer out/Bandara Waingapu

After Breakfast at the resort, we will get ready check out and leave to Waingapu Airport. On the way to Waingapu Airport, we will stop in Tribal Village  Raja   Praili and after Kampung Raja Prailli, we will transfer you back to the Airport at 09.00 AM. Trip End and See you in Our Next Trip.


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